A Leader's Guide to Exterminating Culture Killers

Wednesday • Carson 3 • 2:45 PM

Tabitha Laser, CSP
Global H&S Client Solutions Leader

Track: Safety Leadership

‘Safety culture’ often reflects the behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values that employees share in relation to safety. A purposeful and sustainable ‘culture” needs to be established before any efforts, including behavioral safety programs, can be successful. Unfortunately, the term ‘safety culture’ has been overused, becoming a crutch-term to fix problems not truly understood. In this session, we highlight many ‘culture killers’ and review best practices, resources, and solutions to prevent them from wreaking havoc.

Tabitha Laser is an engaging presenter with a unique style of “saying it like she sees it”. Tabitha is a CSP with BS, and MS degrees in Behavioral and Industrial Safety Management, who has spent a large portion of her 24-year career helping companies develop and improv their EHS programs, while educating and mentoring safety professionals around the World. She is currently the Global Health and Safety Client Solutions Leader with Jacobs, President of the ASSE Gulf Coast Chapter and is the Editor for EHS CHeck. In 2017 she was recognized by #celebratingwomen, in 2012 she was recognized as a Woman in Biofuels Groundbreaker by Ethanol Producers Magazine, and has presented at numerous venues including ASSE, NSC, SWANA, SPF, EHS Magazine, NAEM, and BSN. Throughout her many adventures, she has seen what good looks like, what no-so good looks like, and what just-plain-awful looks like, so is excited to share some of her key learnings with you! You won’t want to miss this one!!!