Active Shooter Survival, Beyond Run, Hide, Fight

Friday • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM • Location: Ryman Studio H

Mike Bewley
Safety Manager
City of Austin Public Works

This presentation deals with the entirety of the Active Shooter scenario, starting with the classification of Active Shooters, their motivations, and their behavior during the incident. The class then fully describes the "Run, Hide, Fight" survival theory including group behavior characteristics that impact survival, how to properly initiate a 911 response, and alternative survival strategies. The class then describes the Public Safety Active Shooter Response Doctrine, the assigned roles of Police, Fire and EMS, how to meet the public safety response, and Immediate Responder first aid.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The class attendees will understand the various types of Active Shooters.
  2. The class attendees will understand the dynamics of the Active Shooter incident.
  3. The class attendees will understand the Public Safety Response Doctrine to the Active Shooter incident, and their role as Immediate Responders.
Mike Bewley spent 23 years in Austin Fire Department before retiring with the rank of Captain. While at the Austin Fire Department, Mike developed training, policies and procedures dealing with Firefighter safety, Firefighter rescue, and High Consequence Incident Survival. Mike then spent four years at the Texas Division of Emergency Management serving as Plans Unit Supervisor in charge of the Plans Unit, Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources Unit and the Hurricane Officer program. He is currently the Safety Manager for the City of Austin Public Works Department. He has a BA from Western Illinois University, an MBA from Colorado State University, a Master's in Emergency Management from American Public University System and has designations as an EMT and Certified Safety Professional.