Align for the Front Line

Thursday • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM • Location: Ryman Studio G

Timothy Ludwig, Ph.D.

By the time workers find themselves in a position to take risks, we have already lost. There were a whole host of behaviors, done by a host of other people, unaware they have participated in perfectly creating the conditions for workers to take risks. If we blame workers, we just stop there in our understanding of the incident. However, if we see workers’ risk taking as an opportunity to learn, then we just may discover the interlocking behaviors from others that need to be addressed as well.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how risk taking and safety culture are not usually the fault of the workers.
  • Learn that proper and dispassionate analysis of behavior leads to risk reduction and safe performance.
  • Learn that you can map the interlocking behaviors of others in your system to truly understand why workers are put in positions to take risks.

Timothy Ludwig earned his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech researching the benefits of employee-driven behavioral safety programs under E. Scott Geller continuing his post-doctoral work in industrial engineering studying applications of W. Edwards Deming to quality and safety improvement. His popular website is a content-rich resource of safety culture stories, blogs, research, videos, and services. Dr. Ludwig was cited in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) “50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow”.

Dr. Ludwig serves on the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies’ Behavioral Safety Accreditation Commission that reviews best-in-industry safety practices and offers objective feedback on safety programs.

Dr. Ludwig is the author of dozens of scholarly articles that empirically document the successes of methods to improve safety and quality in industry through behavior-based solutions. His books include Intervening to Improve the Safety of Occupational Driving (2001), Behavioral Systems: Understanding Complexity in Organizations (2010), Behavioral Science Approaches to Process Safety: A Response to Industry’s Call (2018), and Dysfunctional Practices that Kill your Safety Culture (2018).

Dr. Ludwig has over 30 years’ experience in research and practice in behavioral safety where he integrates empirical findings into his safety consulting. Within his consulting practice Dr. Ludwig has helped assess, design, and implement safety and quality improvement programs in over 50 companies. Dr. Ludwig has delivered over 50 of his popular keynote presentations in 15 countries worldwide.