Analyzing the Causes of At-Risk Behavior

Thursday • Crystal 2 • 1:30 PM

Cloyd Hyten, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Aubrey Daniels International

Track: BBS - Intermediate
One BACB® Type II CE is available for this session.

The PIC/NIC Analysis® is a behavioral problem-solving tool that uncovers the true causes of at-risk behavior and enables the development of more impactful improvement strategies. This presentation will cover what a PIC/NIC Analysis is, why it is useful in understanding and changing at-risk behavior, how to conduct an Analysis, and end with a discussion of how to use the information to develop strategies for increasing safe behaviors and decreasing at-risk behaviors.

Cloyd Hyten brings a systems perspective to organizational safety. Cloyd has been in the field of performance improvement for over 25 years, with experience in training and consulting in a variety of settings experiencing performance problems or opportunities. Cloyd has a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis, and co-founded one of the nation’s best behavior analysis graduate programs at the University of North Texas. While in this academic position, Cloyd started a consulting group that specialized in systemic solutions to help organizations ranging from professional service firms to manufacturing companies to medical clinics improve their performance. In addition to consulting work, Cloyd has been a thought leader in the field, presenting papers at national conferences, serving as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, past President of the OBM Network, and co-authoring a book on improving performance in work teams.