Improving the Learning 'Experience' For Employees & Contractors

Friday • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM • Location: Ryman Studio I

Robert Sheninger
Vice President - HSE
Talos Energy

If you asked your employees how effective is your HSE training program what would they say? Most of us would hope to hear things like our organization’s training is value-added, content is fresh, and the time spent in training is well spent. Unfortunately, this is not predominantly the case since we often hear that training is boring, stale and not an effective use of one’s time. The challenge we all face when it comes to HSE training is that it is a critical component of our businesses to ensure we have competent individuals who can make sound decisions, speak up when something is not right and provide proactive feedback when needed. In this session you will see how Talos Energy created a paradigm shift in training mentality come the conventional to unconventional leading to a vast improvement in the learning experience for both employees and contractors.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Current challenges and obstacles in training development and delivery.
  2. New techniques employed to create organization-specific training material that could be easily delivered to an infinite number of employees at minimal cost.
  3. Opportunities to create micro-learning opportunities and regular updates to existing material to improve the learning experience.