Incorporating BBS Into Projects and Shutdowns

Thursday • 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM • Location: Ryman Studio J

Josh Hook
Safety Mechanic
Marathon Petroleum Corporation - Detroit

Marathon Petroleum – Detroit, a CCBS Gold Accredited site, was able to maintain a 1.0 contact rate during a successful plant wide shut down while the plant’s manpower quadrupled in size. The BBS process known as circle of safety trained and utilized observers from all groups in the refinery, including union members, salaried employees, and contractors. Trained observers were removed from their regular jobs and their time was fully dedicated to observing and providing feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Introducing and building credibility with a large group of transient workers who were unfamiliar with BBS principals and Detroit's high expectations for working safety.
  2. Explain the process of giving ample time to train our group of dedicated observers that were utilized during the turnaround, and how and why we chose certain individuals.
  3. Describe how the BBS committee was able to provide input and guidance at the planning stages and what resources were given to allow is to do so. Explain how we used regular communications throughout the shutdown to help gain trust of the transient workers.
Josh Hook was a former operator in an FCC unit who became a pump mechanic who also served a term as the BBS facilitator. Currently a safety mechanic for the Detroit refinery who still sits on the BBS Circle of Safety Committee. Continues to help evolve our BBS process and mentor those who are new to the process.