Introduction to BBS: Doing it Right

Thursday • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM • Location: Ryman Studio F

Tom Werner, MA
Senior Consultant
Quality Safety Edge

Terry E. McSween, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Quality Safety Edge

The last century has brought amazing breakthroughs in how organizations manage safety and reduce incidents. However, despite more training, signs, job-aids, and policies, people are still getting hurt. When we analyze why, it is often clear that someone could have done something to prevent the incident. This is the opportunity of Behavior Based Safety! Organizations can reduce their incidents by using behavioral technology to increase the consistency of safe practices. This session will describe the fundamentals, key features, and success factors of an effective and sustainable BBS process.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. To learn the behavioral principles underlying BBS and the main components of an effective BBS process.
  2. To learn the key features of BBS safety observations and conversations.
  3. To learn the roles and responsibilities of a BBS steering team and the leadership support required from leaders at all levels.

Tom Werner is a Senior Consultant at Quality Safety Edge with over 30 years’ experience in applying behavioral practices at work. Tom has helped numerous organizations design, implement, and improve Behavior Based Safety processes. Tom is a regular speaker at behavioral safety conferences on topics such as reinvigorating and improving BBS processes, fixing common BBS pitfalls, and helping steering committees manage BBS processes effectively.

Dr. Terry E. McSween is President and CEO of Quality Safety Edge, an organization that helps improve business success and profitability through behavioral safety and safety leadership. Dr. McSween has received numerous awards for his work in safety improvement. He received the 2009 Lifetime Achievement and 2001 Significant Contribution awards from the Organizational Behavior Network. The American Society of Safety Engineers awarded him the Johnson & Higgins Scrivener Award for the outstanding technical article on safety. His book, The Values-Based Safety Process, second edition, was published in 2003 by John Wiley & Sons of New York, NY.