The Evolution of Safety: Using Science and Technology to Control Exposure

Wednesday • Carson 2 • 1:30 PM

Stan Owens
Principal Consultant

Track: Intermediate

New technology, new exposures, and an ever-changing workforce means new challenges for safety. Evolving to meet those challenges starts with embracing a more powerful and sustainable approach—one that is rooted in science and leverages technology and proven methodology to target the exposures workers face every day. Discover the next wave in safety performance improvement! This talk reveals a game-changing process centered on five key steps.

Stan Owens is a Principal Consultant with DEKRA. He is a talented educator and consensus builder who designs and implements successful, sustainable, and employee-driven safety processes and leadership development systems for his clients. He is a highly regarded speaker who has given presentations throughout North America. Stan is a member of the National Safety Council and the Business Council of Alabama. He is also a former long-time union official of the United Paper workers International Union.