Tips and Techniques for Conducting an ABC Analysis to Promote Safe Work Practices

Thursday • Carson 1 • 4:00 PM

Terry McSween, Ph.D.
CEO and President
Quality Safety Edge

Track: BBS - Advanced
One BACB® Type II CE is available for this session.

The ABC analysis is a common tool for analyzing the factors that impact specific behaviors.  Tom Gilbert proposed a simple, six cell model for conducting an ABC analysis which is a useful tool for is guiding a team to analyze behavioral events by asking a specific set of questions related to each cell.  The resulting analysis can provide effective guidance to safety teams developing action plans to better support safe work practices.  The same framework can also assist with action planning for each level within an organization to help ensure effective implementation. 

Terry McSween, Ph.D. is CEO and President of Quality Safety Edge (QSE). In 1990, Terry founded QSE, a company that specializes in the application of behavioral technology to create employee-driven safety and quality improvement efforts.

Terry is the developer of Values-Based Safety™, which creates ownership for organizational change through local-level employee involvement in the safety design process.

Considered one of the world’s leading authorities in behavior-based safety, Terry has 30-plus years of experience consulting in educational, institutional, and business settings. He is the recipient of local and national awards for his work in behavioral safety and is actively involved with a number of business and professional organizations including the Board of Trustees for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, the Association for Behavior Analysis, the American Society for Safety Engineers, and the Texas Association for Behavior Analysis.

A speaker at safety conferences worldwide, Terry also founded the annual Behavioral Safety Now Conference (BSN). He has published over 100 articles and authored the seminal book on behavior-based safety: The Values-Based Safety Process: Improving Your Safety Culture with Behavior-Based Safety.

He received his doctorate from Western Michigan University.