Special Event! Understanding Autism and other special needs: Impacts on work and families

Thursday • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

rob holdsambeck2020Rob Holdsambeck, Ed.D., LCP, BCBA-D
Executive Director
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1/59 children will be diagnosed with autism by their 8th birthday (2018). In addition, about 1/5 people in the United States have some form of a learning disability. Given these data, chances are very high that you have encountered these issues in your workplace or in your own family system. This talk will help you understand how to recognize and support those on the spectrum, their families, and others who may have special needs.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will describe the three major features that lead to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  2. Participants will describe two major features of the most successful programs for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and how to make appropriate behavioral health referrals.
  3. Participants will distinguish between attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities.
Dr. Holdsambeck is a licensed psychologist with over 40 years of clinical experience delivering services to people with developmental disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. He was one of the first in the nation to become board certified in behavior analysis (#0007). The company he founded, Holdsambeck Behavioral Health, employs over 140 clinicians serving 1000+ individuals annually in California and Hawaii. Previously he served his country as a Captain in the Air Force and his community as a tenured professor of psychology. He was selected as the 2010 distinguished colleague by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s department of applied behavior analysis. In 2011, he received the outstanding service award from the Cambridge Center for his work in bringing evidence-based practices to California. Dr. Holdsambeck is an author and frequent keynote speaker at International, National and State conferences. His most recent publications are the highly acclaimed books, “Behavior Science: Tales of Inspiration Discovery and Service” (Holdsambeck and Pennypacker Eds., 2017, Omnibus as well as volumes I, II, and III). In addition to the activities mentioned above, Dr. Holdsambeck is currently serving in his seventh year as the Executive Director of the prestigious Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™.