Using Big Data to Predict, Prevent & Eliminate Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Thursday • Crystal 1 • 1:30 PM

Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D.
Process Change Leader
Predictive Solutions

Track: Advanced
One BACB® Type II CE is available for this session.

BBS has been tremendously successful in helping improve their safety cultures. However, some organizations struggle once their BBS process is in place due to not using observation intelligence and not communicating the value of this data back to employees and leadership. This presentation will introduce safety predictive analytics, tools and strategies and describe research that has culminated in the creation of the “4 Safety Truths” and over 95% accuracy in predicting where your next injury will occur.

Chuck Pettinger has over 20 years’ experience designing, implementing and evaluating culture step-change initiatives. His major interests include developing large-scale corporate behavior change processes, assessing industrial safety cultures, using advanced predictive analytics to develop leading indicators and conducting organizational Leadership Workshops.

Chuck earned his Bachelors from the University of Florida, his Masters from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his Doctorate from Virginia Tech under Dr. E. Scott Geller. Before joining Predictive Solutions, Chuck was a Senior Project Manager with the Safety Performance Solutions and a Grant Project Manager with Virginia Tech’s CABS, a research and development organization led by Dr. E. Scott Geller.