What Makes a Good Behavioral Safety Process? Lessons Learned as a Cambridge Center Commissioner

Wednesday • Carson 3 • 4:00 PM

Sigurdur Sigurdsson, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor
The Icelandic Centre for Research

Track: Advanced

The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies has for the past 15 years visited over 30 sites for purposes of accreditation of behavioral safety processes. Center Commissioners have observed safety professionals apply behavioral science to safety, often with outstanding results. This presentation will focus on best practices and common challenges in these organizations. The talk will conclude with possible solutions to these challenges, using OBM and Behavioral Systems Analysis concepts and principles.

Dr. Sigurdur Oli Sigurdsson obtained his Ph.D. in behavior analysis in 2006 from Western Michigan University. He is currently the Manager of the Quality Board for Higher Education in Iceland. Dr. Sigurdsson is also an Associate Commissioner for the Behavior-Based Safety Accreditation Commission of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. He has provided organizational consultation to hospitals, autism treatment centers, and various other businesses and industries. He has published research in the Journal of Safety Research, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management,and Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Dr. Sigurdsson's research interests are in the areas of safety-related decision-making and maintenance of behavioral safety processes.