Behavioral Safety Now 2015 Call for Papers

Behavioral Safety Now is accepting speaker proposals for BSN2015 scheduled for October 6-8 in Reno, Nevada.

This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences with others! We are looking for presentations on all aspects of Behavioral Safety, including (but not limited to):

  • Those who have implemented Behavioral Safety in their organization and are presenting their experiences and progress with Behavioral Safety.
  • Those who have assisted corporations and other organizations to implement and maintain Behavioral Safety.
  • Latest developments and progress on the research and theoretical aspects of Behavioral Safety.
  • New applications of behavior analysis to safety.
  • Behavioral safety processes that have evolved and been developed to address other areas of performance within a corporation or organization.
  • Related behavioral topics such as:
    • Performance Management.
    • Organizational Behavior Management.
    • Other applications of behavioral techniques to areas of performance such as quality, customer service and productivity.

Presenters at the conference are users and practitioners of Behavioral Safety as well as Performance Management processes at all levels. They include directors and managers, safety professionals, Behavioral Safety teams, as well as researchers, consultants, and other interested and qualified persons. For consultant requirements click here.

The audiences will include personnel from all levels working in national & international industries and government organizations. Attendees will range from those considering Behavioral Safety and Performance Management for the first time, through to those who will be seeking solutions to challenges within their established processes.

Proposal Process

Proposals will be received for consideration at any time up to the deadline of July 1, 2015.

Accepted presenters will be notified no later than August 1, 2015.

Presenters will receive discounted conference rates.

Program Coordinator
Mike Johnson


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