Lessons in Persistence

Wednesday, October 11, 2018 • 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. • Location: Reno Ballroom

Glen J. Bertini
President, CEO and Chairman

Novinium began its behavioral safety program in 2013. Everything was going according to plan until we acquired a company twice as large. Go to jail, directly to jail, do not pass Go, and do not collect $200. On top of the dozens of problems associated with any acquisition all of our progress was erased. How do you win the hearts and minds of a work force that distrusts new management? One soul at a time.

Our journey is not complete, but we are well on our way. There will be more lessons to learn on the path ahead, but we have experiences and lessons to share. Novinium’s distributed workforce makes communication more challenging than centralized facilities, but in the end we have to touch each individual in a profoundly personal way and distance is just another obstacle to overcome.

The audience will be inspired by stories, anecdotes, and data demonstrating success. No sugar coating here though. I will share the setbacks and the disappointments, and I will reveal the insights that each of those brought to the management team and the employee-run behavioral safety committee. I will describe a whole new level of “managementless” involvement that requires a leap of faith, but has provided ample rewards. We coined a phrase, “technology enabled safety” and the audience will learn how to leverage technology to improve voluntary participation and to impact actual safety performance. The presentation will inspire persistence in the face of obstacles, describe a roadmap of how to benefit from setbacks, and provide hope to the assembled.

Glen J. Bertini is the President, CEO and Chairman of Novinium, Inc. He has spent over thirty years working with cable rejuvenation technology beginning with its development at Dow Corning in 1986 and continuing through its commercialization and growth to over 150 million feet of cable rejuvenated so far. Mr. Bertini was employed by Dow Corning, a silicon chemical manufacturer, as a development engineer, where he focused on the thermodynamics of multi-component systems and was part of a small team that developed and commercialized the first cable rejuvenation products. With over 45 articles published on the subject of cable rejuvenation technology, Mr. Bertini is the world's foremost authority. Mr. Bertini holds a total of 31 patents on cable rejuvenation and related technologies and has others pending.

In 1992, he was co-recipient of the prestigious R&D 100 award for cable rejuvenation. In 2005 and 2006 Mr. Bertini and Novinium won numerous awards for best investment opportunities at various angel forums including ESIF (Early Stage Investor’s Forum), the Vancouver Angel Forum, and the $100,000 prize at the Zino Zillionaire Investment Forum. In 2010 Glen won the Puget Sound Engineering Council Engineer of the Year Award and was named Seattle Magazine's Top Innovator.

Mr. Bertini holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, is a Senior Member of the AIChE, a Fellow of the IEEE, a member of the PES (Power and Energy Society), a member of the DEIS (Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation Society), a voting member of the ICC (Insulated Conductors Committee), and a licensed professional engineer.

Specialties: Underground Power, Electrical Insulation, Infrastructure Life Extension, Cable Diagnostics, Technology Enabled Safety, Safety Leadership